What I'm Working On

Since I didn't get to create any Christmas embroidery hoops this year I thought to get a jump start on some Valentine's Day ones.

I have worked on these two since taking the photos and love how they are turning out. Will show them when completely done. I'm debating on if I want to make a bunch of these and have one big shop update or post them as I go. Decisions...decisions....

I painted the inside of the heart on this one red and pink. Will do more in this style with other colors and patterns.

In the past I used to do a lot of Dachshund art and really missed creating them. So decided to make one holding a heart. You'll probably be seeing more of this breed in my paintings too. The Dachshund dog had/has such a big impact on my art throughout the years. They are such a funny and unique breed. My husband and I had two in the past and got so much inspiration from them. My husband used to make Dachshund art too. Sadly they passed away and it was hard for me to continue to make Dachshund art. However we got another Dachshund a few years ago and I find that spark returning again. So be on the look out for more items with them. Oh and Chihuahuas can't leave them out since we also have two of them.

Hope everyone has a nice week!

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