The Tree & Ten Years

The second photo is of a painting collage that I did 10 years ago. I titled it Three Crows To Watch Over Me and it was my first listing on Etsy. Before Etsy I was selling on Ebay for a little while and decided to open a shop on Etsy. I thought very hard of what I wanted to create for my new store and that collage was the end results. Really love how it turned out and it’s so special to me. I posted it and it sold within a half an hour. Throughout the years I made some more collages, but that pull wasn’t as strong like the first one and deviated from that style. Maybe it just wan’t the time. For some reason though that very first collage would pop into my mind here and there. Yesterday I figured out that reason and it wasn’t until I finished the one in the first photo (The Tree) that I understood. That first collage slammed right into my head and really felt that connection, that pull to create more in this style again. The two collages have their similarities and differences, but for me what similarities they have are more on an emotional level. Maybe it is finally time.….it took ten years.

The embroidered tree that I showed in my previous post was used in the artwork in the first photo. So happy how everything came together.

The Tree is a small gouache painting embroidery collage. 2 1/2 x 3 inches. It’s available in my shop.

The Tree 

Three Crows To Watch Over Me

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